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IP Failover

01/03/2014, 19h28
Where can I add additional IPv4 FO for the BHS Kimsufi Bon Plan 2012? It used to work in Manager v5 but I can't find the option anymore. I'm currently using 2 additional IPv4 FO and I'd like to add the 3rd one. The plan came with 3 additional US or CAN IPv4.

24/12/2013, 13h24
@mclc: the new KS, as from last month, can only use the Manager V6 - the manager V3 that you use, is about to be abandoned.
Myself, I use the V3 for a KS that dates from 2009 - and I can't use all of the options presented (not non-activated) like the PRO option, the Firewall option.

You should have the V6 Manager ... but, be glad to have the V3 which offer still some possibilities that are not yet implemented in the V6 version.

And as said: no more IP FO for the KS server (they start with the SYS servers). No more free FTP backup space, etc.

KS servers are for "learning, toying around, make it break and reformat it again etc etc". So, IP FO aren't considered that useful for a KS.
KS servers have ONE thing in common: not-expensive.

24/12/2013, 12h30

As my colleague has stated, unfortunately it is not possible to have additional IPs for this server.

23/12/2013, 17h13
Creation date: 2013-09-30

23/12/2013, 16h28
@mclc when did you start renting this server ? if it was before july 2013, your serveur is able to rent some ip failover.

23/12/2013, 15h57
But why does it say I'm entitled to 3 then? (see screenshot)

23/12/2013, 12h58

This particular type of server cannot have additional IP Failover so this is why you cannot add one through your Manager.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us

Best Regards


20/12/2013, 23h38

Yes, I only have 1 server.
My NIC-handle is: CM152021-OVH

20/12/2013, 12h01

Yes if that doesn't bother you then it's completely fine, if you've only one server on the account then just the nic handle will do

19/12/2013, 15h04
How do I PM you?
I'm not sure I can.

Should I just write it here instead?

19/12/2013, 12h06

Could you please PM me with your nic handle and server name? I will then look into this for you.

18/12/2013, 10h41

I'm trying to use one of the IP Failover I'm entitled to, but I can't add it in my OVH Manager. What can I do to make this work? I've tried to follow your guide, but I can't seem to find out how to add another IP - the option simply isn't there.

Btw, I have one of the "old" servers and it says in my OVH Manager that I'm entitled to 3 IP Failover