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Making an account

20/12/2013, 02h34

Is there any information regarding the "Broker Offers" you mentioned? When will they become available?

20/12/2013, 02h16
Hi there !

Ordering a 'KS' from abroad - meaning not France - seems to be a difficult thing.
You better wait for the "Broker offers" - these are available for everybody.
The "KS" series became difficult to get - even more if you are from subscribing from a foreign country.
PM me for more details.


20/12/2013, 02h03

Today I wanted to make an account to order a server at you guys.
Too bad before I could make the account (and I still cannot) the server I wanted was sold out, or at least the times for delivering were gone.

Now my question is:
I'm from The Netherlands and when I want to make an account I don't have to option to select the netherlands, so I can't make an account as you want a validated phone number.

How can I still make an account to order a server from you guys?