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Cannot order 141sk16 or 141sk18

24/12/2013, 12h27

If you are receiving this error then you will need to contact your bank as it is them blocking your payment.

23/12/2013, 20h00
After getting home these servers are sold out, however trying to order the next available (PS-21) I cannot seem to pay with 3 different credit cards or paypal.....

At first it was just a general error when I clicked the visa or mastercard icon. Now it displays a page my bank refused payment after I entered my details or try to pay through paypal.
Can I please give you money for the service you are selling?

23/12/2013, 14h23

This issue has now been fixed so you should be able to order one of these now. Any further issues please do let us know.

Best Regards


23/12/2013, 12h01

At the moment it is not possible to order these particular servers. All other servers with a shopping cart symbol beside them are available to order.

Best Regards


21/12/2013, 17h07

I wanted to order a PS-15 or PS-17 server.
If I try to do this from URL: it displays the following error:

1 Erreur
Le paramètre est invalide

This happens only for these two servers, all others bring you to the order page.

URL for both products:

Since this would be a christmas present for my geeky brother in law would it be possible to still place and process this order before christmas?
Thanks in advance