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I just want to order....

24/12/2013, 12h33

We do plan to have an English version, but unfortunately have no ETA as to when this will be. You can create an account by selecting to order a server. It will ask you if you are a new customer or not.

23/12/2013, 17h01
Are any English options coming to

I have firmly decided on a PS-23 but im struggling to create an account here. Google translate is just butchering everything (half the field descriptions disappear), i cant choose Australia the list goes on.

Anyone able to provide hints as im sure a good bunch of the people here are not French so im sure it can be done just not how

23/12/2013, 11h51

Thank you for your responses, this is correct. If there's anything further you need clarifying please don't hesitate to reply.

22/12/2013, 17h06
Yes it does apply to soyoustart servers, you will need to create a new account to order a server there as well.

Something tells me you will probably have to go through the ID verification process again, it seems OVH separated those 3 sites and they are being managed by different teams (but they are all part of OVH), at least that is what i understood by reading a relevant topic in french forums.

21/12/2013, 23h22
Seriously. Ugh well thats new.

Guess it will make managing things a pain too. I had everything on the one account before. Makes life much easier.

Hope i dont have to go through the whole provide ID process again as well...........

Do you know if that applies to the yourstart servers as well?

I can see myself juggling 3 accounts for my different servers. As one mSP is starting to hit its limits and will need upgrading soon and the other mSP i may trade down to a yourstart server as its underused.

21/12/2013, 23h10
You will need to create a new account to order a kimsufi server, your old OVH account only works for servers ordered via I had the same issue like you, they should put some notice about that.

21/12/2013, 20h31
I currently rent a pair of mSP's and an older KSR-4G

The 4G desperately needs an upgrade. it just cant keep up. The last round of EU only Kimsufi's left me out in the cold but i managed to get by.

Now the new Range is out i wanted to order a PS-15 or PS-17. Both error out when i click the order button.

So i then went for a PS-21 thats slightly overkill but hey its not much more than my old 4G so why not. When i try to order that it asks for my login and appears to suggest my password and/or login is wrong. I have reset the password twice now and can login to the manager and everything. What am i missing?

So my simple request is please for the love of god let me order a server before they all sell out again. That or explain how to or even why i cant....

Its hard enough using a French language website to order from Australia (why i cant use the UK, US or irish sites is beyond me but thats the rules) but cryptic errors dont help when your relying on google translate