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No server in the panel

25/12/2013, 05h57
That is just an email confirming that you have logged into the panel.
It says your client ID, the IP that successfully logged in, and the time of the login.

Most likely your server has not been provisioned yet.
You should have/will get an email with Installation or something similar with the IP address of the server, the server name and then configured account. (Based on what I experienced earlier this year with the mKS2G)

23/12/2013, 13h22

I have a problem with a customer panel. On the e-mail I received about:
"Nous vous envoyons cet email à la suite d'une connexion réussie à
votre interface client.

Identifiant client : mt65751-ks
Ip de connexion :
Heure de connexion : 2013-12-23 10:44:04".

However, after login to the panel I see:
" It seems you do not have a server, you can buy one here.

If you encouter mistakes, you can contact support via the forum."

Ssh server works but can not sign in because none password does not work with e-mail.

Please help.