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ETA & Questions

24/12/2013, 12h27

This information is correct. If I can assist you any furthe rplease let me know.

23/12/2013, 18h29

i'm a kimsufi customer but i can help you.

1/ i don't think so. No windows on kimsufi servers.
2/ no ip failover on new kimsufis (rent afther the end of july) (Only for OVH and SoyouStart servers)
3/ 100 Mbits
4/ No limit.

23/12/2013, 18h26

I placed an order for a PS-7 some days ago and it said, that it will be ready in 24 hours, but it's still not ready. Would you mind to give me an ETA for the server delivery. The order number was 24521361. I haven't got any e-mails requesting any additional information like an identity card. Also I'd have some questions about the server:
1. Is it possible to use Windows with it (I'm an MSDN subscriber).
2. Can I order additional IPs?
3. Is there a limit for the bandwith?
4. Is there a limit on the number of servers that can be ordered?