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Services Included

03/01/2014, 19h55

This is correct, if I can help any further please let me know.

24/12/2013, 19h37
Yes unlimited and 100 Mbits

24/12/2013, 19h20
Citation Envoyé par buddy
All is opened by default.
Ok buddy thanks.

And I cant see the info about, is unlimited traffic?

Best Regards.

24/12/2013, 19h10
All is opened by default.

24/12/2013, 17h39
Well, i have seen that i can install ubuntu desktop if I want! One finally question, how manage to open ports or is all open by default?

24/12/2013, 13h54

If you want a server with FTP pre-installed you can choose the OVH release 3

24/12/2013, 13h52
Ok, thanks nowwhat. I wish to install ubuntu server, but If i will install a ubuntu desktop version in the future, is not possible?


24/12/2013, 13h43
When you rent your server, you can shoose from "more then 60 pre-installed OS's" (source: there where you rent you server they say so:

True is, before, they (OVH) mentioned where to chose from at forehand ...
Let's say that this list - goto the Sofware page - is still valid.
Except for: All Windows versions .... and no Visualization OS's.

Note: you can always chose to re-install your server with another OS when ever you want. Its free.
New is: it takes hours to complete the re-install - but it works.

24/12/2013, 13h19
Ok, but how can I do it? When i rent a server, first access leave me choose what OS I want or how it works? If i can choose it, what OS can I choose?

Best Regards!

24/12/2013, 11h29

The server will be delivered to you and then you install which ever OS and other services you wish onto your server.

Best Regards


24/12/2013, 09h59
Hi, i am thinking to purchase one dedicated server and i want to know whats services includes the installation. Wich distribution (linux supose), if you install FTP server configured, some torrent server etc.. Or you only give the server and all is installed and configured by the client.


Best Regards!