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A gentle nudge for order #24474938 - Payment completed on 18/12/2013

03/01/2014, 19h17

I do apologise for this delay, our developers are working as fast as possible to deliver these servers, I will update you as soon as I have some further information.

30/12/2013, 14h54
Any word on an ETA for this?

I know Christmas has been in the way, but it's been 12 days so far

26/12/2013, 15h39

I ordered a PS-18 from you and it has taken longer than the advised 72 hours.

From other posts I have seen that you have been busy and I understand that especially over Christmas.

However, I noticed you have recently been completing orders again.

My hosting elsewhere ends tomorrow, if it is possible for my server to be enabled today then I would save a month's billing with them!

I would really appreciate if my order can be completed ASAP. My order number is #24474938.

Kind regards, Tom.