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Order 24570349

29/12/2013, 17h20
Perfect, server recieved! All ok.

28/12/2013, 17h11
Yes, of course, but I asked a similar question two days ago and nobody answered it.

Thanks for your explanation buddy!

28/12/2013, 17h01
it's the week end, the support only responds between monday and friday.
@bombai. If the server is only avaible in RBX ( Roubaix) it's the same.
The option "the first available server in France" is revelant if the server could be ordered in 2 diffefents datacenters example : RBX and GRA or SBG ..

28/12/2013, 16h58
I think it isn't serious, people asking and anybody don't answer anything.. What do we do when there is a real problem?

27/12/2013, 22h29
Anyone know where support agents are?

27/12/2013, 16h57
Hi, i have selected the first available server in France instead 72h France Nord (RBX), what is the estimated time with this option?