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72 Hours vs 336 Hours

14/01/2014, 19h40

I can see that both of these servers have since been delivered. Aplogies for the delay. Any future queries, please rememeber to post in the relevant category.

Best regards

Kimsufi Support Team

30/12/2013, 09h30
16 days and the server still has to be delivered, the cancellation of the sales and refund demand to my credit card
means that the company is a cheater,not make sense to delay

28/12/2013, 20h53
Here also, order n 24551217. No news after 92 hours, on the website they told me available in 72 hours... I hope the invoicing start as soon as my server is available.

28/12/2013, 09h35
My Order is 24483831 .I paid 14/12/2013 i m tired to wait . When I get a server?
if not open 24 hours please refund the money as soon as possible, thank you.