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Change server to RAID 0

29/12/2013, 02h49
thanks for the reply

I tried that last night turns out the manger is wrong and only tells me its 500GB but once the OS is installed it shows up as 1TB in RAID 0

28/12/2013, 16h18

i think the manager has a bug.
look at this post : .
the post is in french but if you format as he did it.
you will have just your system in RAID 1 and all the 2 disks in raid0.

28/12/2013, 15h31

I have recently purchased PS-7 with 2x 500GB HDDS but I cannot seem to get them out of RAID 1
even if I change the partition to RAID 0 I still only have access to 500GB.

Please advise.