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Cancel order # 24582022

07/01/2014, 13h46

This order has now been cancelled for you as the address on the account is Irish, but you have France as the country of residence. At the moment, Kimsufi servers are only available to a small number of countries, but over the next few weeks more countries should be added. When Ireland has been added you can then create a new account and chose Ireland as your country of residence.

Best Regards

Kimsufi Support Team

04/01/2014, 05h25
Hi Tom,
Yes I do still require a refund.
Also I wanted to know if kimsufi servers are only available to French residents now?

03/01/2014, 13h15

I apologise for our delay in responding to you, do you still require a refund for this order?

02/01/2014, 05h19
3 days since I posted this and no response yet?
Please issue me a refund and cancel the order.

30/12/2013, 19h36
I've waited long enough any company that immediately takes my money, should provide the server as quickly as possible.
Absolute disgrace the service here.

Cancel and refund order # 24582022