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IPV6 AND IP FAILOVER question about new Kimsufi PS series

03/01/2014, 18h12

nowwhat is correct this is how the new Kimsufi servers operate, you cannot purchase additional IPs.

31/12/2013, 14h54
HI there.

Sorry, but no.
IP failover, IPv6 (/64) etc, these options aren't present any more - and that's because these options aren't mentionned anymore (exceptfor the Google cache).
You'll get 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6.
You want more of those ? Get a serveur from here :

31/12/2013, 14h48
> I see a new line of your kimsufi dedi boxes.
> I want to know how many IPV6 address available ? /64 as old times?
> And Can I buy IP failover of additional IPs like before for new PS series?
> As I might buy a new box in future.