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Need to reboot my dedicated server but it's not shown in web manager interface

01/01/2014, 23h24

if the server has been rent before novembre, it should be in this manager ( it's a hardware reboot )

maybe you can connect to your dedicated server through ssh connexion.
and then rebbot it with the command reboot.

01/01/2014, 22h53
Suddenly I'm unable to make a remote desktop connection to my dedicated server, so I want to reboot it.
I want to do it through the web manager interface but when I click on the "Dedicated Server" tab no server is shown. It seems like my server is not in the system at all? (I've had the server for several months now and I can still ping it).
Further more I downloaded your desktop manager application but that didn't show my server either.
Can you please tell me how to reboot my server through the web manager interface?

Or can you reboot the machine for me? (soft or hard.... it doesn't matter - just need it rebooted)

Thanks in advance.