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Delayed renewal of ks3373523

07/01/2014, 13h21

I can see that we did indeed receive this transfer. Your order has now been accepted so your server should be back online as soon as the payment process has completed.

Best Regards

Kimsuif Support Team

07/01/2014, 13h01

I am currently checking to see if we have received this payment now with our billing department. I will be in touch as soon as I have an answer for you.

Best regards

Kimsufi Support Team

04/01/2014, 07h49
Hello Tom,

Any update on the matter?

It seems that this is my fault: my friend owed me some, so I made him make the bank transfer. However he didn't include the order number and account name in the description. The description (de Tran Hai Nam Transfert pour le serveur de M. Nguyen Hong Vuong), however, included my name which is associated to the account nv8411-ovh.

If additional proof or verification is needed, I'll gladly cooperate.

Thank you.

03/01/2014, 12h14

I apologise for this delay, we are looking into this and will update you shortly.

02/01/2014, 08h22

On 25/12/2013 I made a bank transfer for the renewal fee of the server... yet as of now it is still stated as expired. I thought it was because of the busy end of year (Christmas and new year and stuff), but if this continue I will loss my server along with the data, so this is very urgent.

Intitulé du virement : BC 24540599 nv8411-ovh
Montant : 42,91 €

VIR vers OVH
de Tran Hai Nam Transfert pour le serveur de M. Nguyen Hong Vuong
43,00 €

Thank you