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08/01/2014, 10h12

You can still log in to your Manager with the email you used to sign up to OVH, it does not have to be your NIC handle. You can then click on the "lost password" option and this will send a new password to this email address.

Best Regards

Kimsufi Support Team

07/01/2014, 22h24
Thank you Sir for your quick response
The thing is that we lost login data and even cant go to administration control panel.Is it possible to create new profile with website backup files?

Thank you waiting for your response

03/01/2014, 12h04
I'm afraid OVH doesn't keep any of our dedicated server login details, however you should be able to view them via your OVH Manager by selecting Administration > My Settings > Email Summary.

02/01/2014, 12h52
Dear server administrators

I am writing to you because of website .This is charity fund project, and our website administrator lost website server login data and we can't connect to file server or even database.What can we do?Will you recover password or any file backup?Because old website information needs to be updated.Sorry for my bad english.Thank you waiting for your response