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About DDos Protection PRO and Standard

07/01/2014, 12h58

Anti DDOS pro is only available on the professional servers. It is only the standard anti DDOS that is included with the Kimsufi servers and the Soyoustart range.

Best Regards

Kimsufi Support team

04/01/2014, 02h35
on my old ks i can edit the firewall and add permanent mitigation ......and by the way on servers have Anti-DDoS Pro Solution or The Standard One ?

03/01/2014, 11h46

The main difference is you would be able to configure your Firewall with Anti-DDoS Pro, as well as have permanent mitigation. Unfortunately with Kimsufi only the standard is available.

03/01/2014, 02h52
Hello there , i want someone to tell me the diferent between anti ddos pro and standard ? also a user that have ks server can upgrade to pro solution instead of standard ? i saffer from ddos attacks .. the standard protection is not protected me .. so i want to know some more info about that !