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I'm waiting days since I bought the server!

07/01/2014, 16h40
Why has not been answered my request? I've been waiting 264hours vs 72 promised by you!!

I've been waiting four days for someone to answer me this message. Amazing!

attend my demand!

03/01/2014, 18h20

My order is : 24588754
Server: Serveur Kimsufi - 16G i5-2300 SoftRaid 2x500

First of all, I understand you are in festive dates, since 27/12/2013, I've been waiting for my server. But I still have not received anything. I need to hurry. The website says that the server will be ready in 72 hours, my customers expect, and each passing day is worse for me.

Please, I would like to know when my server is ready. And if everything is correct.

Thanks for your attention and patience,