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More Info About Extra IP address and Install ESXi on Kimsuffi servers

04/01/2014, 14h11
kimsufi is unable to order RIPE IP Block but if you have old offers of kimsufi .. you can just add 3 ips and use vshpere or openvz virtualization !.

04/01/2014, 09h18
Hi, and Thanks for your answer,

We can not have any fail over ip ? even 3 ip?

Also unable to order RIPE IP block?

Best Regards

03/01/2014, 23h41

ESXi can be installed on some KS server. i don't know if it's true for ALL PS server.

you can't order any ip failover. ( The server only ahve 1 ipv4 and 1 ipv6 )
If you want ip failover, you had to go to SoYouStart or ovh.

Yes, unlimited traffic but the 100 mbits are not guarenteed . If your neighbor use a lot of bandwidth, you only have about 30 mbits for exemple.

03/01/2014, 23h19
Hello dear Friends

Can We install the ESXi on KS servers?

How meany IP are orderable on KS servers ?

All servers have a 100Mb/s internet connections with Unlimited traffic, its true?

Best Regards.