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Order 24897567

07/01/2014, 10h34

No problem, apologies for my delayed response and if you need assistance please let me know.

06/01/2014, 14h10
Got the server, i will give it a try but i asked for cancellation because i thought that living in Spain and marking AD would be a problem.

05/01/2014, 13h55
Please @TomOVH or someone, could i get a response? Because its been almost 2 days.


04/01/2014, 13h49
Hi again, im thinking to buy a server, is it possible to cancel my Kimsufi order?
OrderID: 24897567

Thanks for your time.

04/01/2014, 01h41
order: 24897567

Hello, an hour ago i ordered a Serveur Kimsufi - 16G i3-3240, i didn't notice the country i marked was Andorra, but i already made the order when i saw it. The contry i live in is Spain, is it possible to change the country to Spain? I came here because was mentioned in

Thanks for your time