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were is my server

08/01/2014, 04h32
today i have my server

05/01/2014, 17h51
is nice to wait went they promise you something and they fail to do it i see this company is real irresponsible for they promise. They better have my server by Monday or i will made a report in Paypal and get my money back.

05/01/2014, 02h13
i think that you must wait untill monday ! ( cause ovh commerce is not working on weekends and your order is not accepted yet ! or maybe ovh dont have stock ... but is no any staff to change the setup time from 120 sec ) just wait ovh staff to post news here !.

04/01/2014, 16h54
i buy a server yesterday and it say they will give it to me in 120 seconds and still waiting for the server my is #24898194