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the server is not delivered ...

21/01/2014, 13h54

That is correct, I cancelled the order on the 9th of January. If you haven't received the funds yet it is possible they are being held by your bank, so you will need to contact them.

We never accepted your payment, so it is definitely not on our side.

20/01/2014, 21h21
hello ...
I canceled the order about 10 days ago , and you said you will refund .
but till now i didn't receive and refund money ...

08/01/2014, 12h48
i send you back the requested documents

08/01/2014, 12h20

I have responded to your email and will update you as soon as possible.

08/01/2014, 11h58
can i know the state of the order ?
it has been 4 days since i made the order and didn't get the server till now

07/01/2014, 11h25
I sent the document to the provided email address ...

07/01/2014, 10h11

I can see we haven't yet accepted your documents. Could you please send them to me directly at I'll then pass them on to the relevant person myself.

07/01/2014, 10h03
order ID : 24922935

07/01/2014, 10h02
hello ..
I made an order three days ago , and till now i didn't receive the server ..
you have sent me an email requesting identification documents , and i've sent the documents as requested ...

can I know the reason why I didn't receive the server ?

kindly regards