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08/01/2014, 11h10
I have a problem with my fail over IP address starting 178. on this server. Since I swapped it from another server it has become unavailable. I have already posted 2 posts regarding this but have not received any reply from OVH. I tried to place an incident report via my management dashboard and received the reply that I should use this forum. Whats the point if nobody from OVH reads the posts. Its simple I have a hardware fault on a fail over IP on my server can somebody reset the router or whatever!
I know that OVH have to make a distinction between supported and unsupported servers but if I have a problem that only OVH can fix they should respond in a reasonable time frame. They are happy to keep charging me for this IP which at the moment I cannot use.
Does anybody have any advice how I can increase the urgency of this problem