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Paypal Question

09/01/2014, 08h48
Paypal issues are NOT related to OVH at all.

I don't have any experiences with "buying a server with a Credit Card using a third party company like Paypal".

I advise you not to use PayPal on an anonymous mode - If you persist on using Paypal, please open an account, put in your Credit Card, have it verified, wait until verification is done, and then, and only then order your server.
Or: use you card to buy directly the server from OVH.

As always: all financial transaction links (URLs) are SSL secured.
As always, a good merchand like OVH doesn't even see, stores, or takes your credit card details, the transaction will be handled by the BANK that OVH uses. You should always trust that bank, otherwise you couldn't buy anything on the net anyway.

Btw, NOT using Paypal will speed up things.

Also: this is a scary issue: "Paypal is not secured to connect with Credit card all time" I never ever saw that. Paypal is the most serious financial broker on the Internet. If you have problems using their site, contact them directly.

09/01/2014, 08h34
I have seen paypal need to be connected with Credit card for Purchasing DS. For first payment only or all payment must be done with paypal connected with Credit card? Paypal is not secured to connect with Credit card all time. Please reply as soon as possible.