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second ip

13/01/2014, 17h23

nowwhat is correct you cannot have any additinal IPs for Kimsufi servers. Additional IPs only for professional servers.

Best Regards

Kimsufi Support team

10/01/2014, 18h24
thanks but by any chance anyone know how to setup a vmware inside ubuntu 12.4 have make the vmware have connection to to outside you know you can asses the vmware from the internet.

09/01/2014, 19h48
Not possible.
KS : 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 - as advertised.
SYS : same, but you can command 5 IP Failovers - check out here :
OVH.COM: the sky - your wallet - and what's left overs as free IPv4 is the limit.

09/01/2014, 16h23
how can i get a second ip for my server.