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Server Ordered And Paid For But No Confirmation

10/01/2014, 02h37
Pretty disappointed at this time, both by the only avenue of communication from the staff ( these forums ) and the service . I have been a active and commercial customer of OVH for going on 4 years and thought this kimsufi would be a similar experience...I was completely wrong. Kimsufi so far has been a complete disappointment and if I have not at least heard something back from the staff in the next 12 hours than I will be asking for a refundand taking my business somewhere else.

09/01/2014, 17h34
I bought today a Kimsufi server and paid with credit card. It has been hours now and I have received no confirmation e-mail at all or any other information on the order.

Whats going on please? The server was advertised at 120 second setup.