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Cancel order 25020846

15/01/2014, 13h25
OK. It seems that you only interested people to take your money. Of course, you can only do one month. In this changing world, it is sometimes up and sometimes down. When not caring for customers, finally ends up paying well above the 45 euros they have stolen my money in my own face. You are in breach of consumer laws in Europe and in France with an illegal contract. Paypal you who will claim to know the money back and reclaim in French and europes institutions. OVH is an independent republic, to my knowledge.

15/01/2014, 12h15

As previously stated in another post, we endeavour to deliver our servers as quickly as possible. Delivery times on the website are only meant for guidance purposes.
According to the contract, which operates under French law, if you have not received your server within 7 days after placing the order, then you are entitled to request a refund. You rserver was delivered to you in 2 days so it was deliverd within the 7 day period outlined in your contract.

Best Regards

14/01/2014, 07h34
One more thing
1. I requested cancellation on January 10.
2. The server was activated on 12 January, Sunday.
3. You replied on 13 January.

The cancellation request came before you activate the server. Not my problem that you do not work weekends

14/01/2014, 01h18
You are totally wrong . In France and throughout Europe , companies that offer their services on the Internet are required :

1. A state in their contracts clearly the deadline for returning a product . In any case this period shall be at least 7 working days ( in France it is 14 days)

2 . The consumer is not required at that time to explain the reasons for the return.

4 . If the contract does not indicate the withdrawal period , it may be 3 months.

April . Here is a link where legal regulation is explained specifically in France.
" Vente à distance : du droit de rétractation consommateur " ( )

Therefore, if as you say, do not foresee the return of these orders, these contracts are not valid in Europe, even in France.

I hope it has been clear that you have to pay me back . If you do not confirm the refund :

1. I will file a complaint to the agencies of France and Europe.
2. . I will submit a claim on Paypal

Thank You
Antonio Guirao - Spain

13/01/2014, 17h07

Unfortuantely it is not possible to refund this order as ther server has been delivered without fault. It therefore meets the terms and condtions outlined in the terms of contract.

Best Regards

Kimsufi Support team

10/01/2014, 10h00
I want to cancel the order corresponding to the number 25020846 Kimsufi server. I want to change it to a higher range. thanks