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VAT can take off please

13/01/2014, 17h21

Can you please send in the following verification documents to along with your NIC that you would like VAT removed from:

1) Photo Id: Drivers license, passport or identity card

2) Proof of address: Utility bill or bank statement that has a matching address for what you provided in your ovh account.

If you send in some photo ID that also has your address on it, then we can accept that as proof of address but will need a second document then for photo id as per company policy two separate documents are required; one for photo id and one for proof of address.

Best Regards

Kimsufi Support Team

10/01/2014, 17h04
hello go slow slow support not? took 2 days for sending my dni discount iva and nobody answers here go fabric

10/01/2014, 13h08
o_O ???

10/01/2014, 12h34
hello wanted to pair em vat deducted apdoer new orders do we want, and sent my dni dodne miss my full name and my name or need direcion discount iva today please I do not have a paper receipt or anything just my dni that should be more than enough in his day at OVH

and sent the email 8 times and my identity card which is more than enough to count me vat