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account issue on bills

10/01/2014, 20h07
mod can close

i received my facture on bills, and the server is active too. Thanks

10/01/2014, 15h55
Seems to be many people in a similar situation over the past few days, and no reply to anybody from the Kimsufi staff.

10/01/2014, 15h53
dear staff,

yerstarday i've bought a PS-7
was available 72 hours

in my account i can't see any server
that's should be ok, cause 72 hours not elapsed yet

but i can't seen my payment on my " Bills "

Money trasfer by Paypal gone ok, i received an email too:

Bienvenue chez OVH !

Nous vous confirmons la réception de votre paiement par paypal
en règlement du bon de commande n° 25018833

Le paiement de votre commande 25018833 va être vérifié dans les meilleurs délais
par nos services. Dés que votre paiement est validé, nous allons exécuter
votre commande sous réserve de faisabilité.


Can u confirm that's no problems?