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Ps-18, ps-19, ps-20

10/01/2014, 17h59
Citation Envoyé par Alfred
and about the vat ?
i don't know i'm just a customer, not a staff member.

10/01/2014, 17h46
and about the vat ?

10/01/2014, 17h41

in fact the new server are in fact recycle with old ovh server. So the PS18, 19 and 20 are avaible when OVH have the good processor, motherboard in their stock ...
and maybe just 50 servers can be assembled with this stock ... so if you are here at the rigth moment, you can rent one if not you will have to wait ..

10/01/2014, 17h30

i want to know when the PS-18 and PS-19 , PS-20 when will become available ?

because i want to buy one dedicated server


i am from egypt so why i should pay the vat ?