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Kimsufi Namesevers

13/01/2014, 19h40
Bump again. Surely this is an extremely simple question to answer.

13/01/2014, 09h23
Bump, as it is now Monday.

11/01/2014, 17h59

I'd like to know what the correct nameservers I should be using are. The control panel doesn't seem to explicitly say anything about primary DNS servers, only secondary ( So far I've assumed that the primary DNS server is the same as the address of my server, however that doesn't appear to have worked. I have waited 24 hours for the DNS to propagate, but with no avail.

The OVH wiki is somewhat confusing to me, referencing my server number - I have no idea what it is.

Any help greatly appreciated, and I guess this is probably going to be down to me being stupid.

EDIT: Should have included my server address: (this is what I'm currently attempting to use as ns1)