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Kimsufi Namesevers

13/01/2014, 20h40
Bump again. Surely this is an extremely simple question to answer.

13/01/2014, 10h23
Bump, as it is now Monday.

11/01/2014, 18h59

I'd like to know what the correct nameservers I should be using are. The control panel doesn't seem to explicitly say anything about primary DNS servers, only secondary (ns.kimsufi.com). So far I've assumed that the primary DNS server is the same as the address of my server, however that doesn't appear to have worked. I have waited 24 hours for the DNS to propagate, but with no avail.

The OVH wiki is somewhat confusing to me, referencing my server number - I have no idea what it is.

Any help greatly appreciated, and I guess this is probably going to be down to me being stupid.

EDIT: Should have included my server address: ns3318925.ip-5-135-167.eu (this is what I'm currently attempting to use as ns1)