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Great problem

17/01/2014, 16h42

I have now just switched the emails on your account so your gmail account is now your main email. If you reinstall your server now, you will get new access codes once it finsihes installing and it will be sent to the gmail acocunt.

Best regards

17/01/2014, 10h15
My server is:

spare email:

16/01/2014, 14h14
Citation Envoyé par Nikkyter
.... I entered the email address @ in spare
Now you are on the same point as many, many others on this forum.

Please include your server identification - the mail that is pressent as the principal mail adress and repost here for a mail swap between 'princapal' an 'spare' mail.

13/01/2014, 13h58
I do not know why the provider blocks the email OVH but apparently it does since I have not received even one sent by the Forum during the registration process (I had to change with a andress in order to confirm the My Account).
The fact is that now the Manager can not change email address (read only error), I entered the email address @ in spare but the same can not I get the email with the login information to the server and without those data can not use the server.

13/01/2014, 01h47
Well, that tells you you have a stupid FAI because (all affiliated IP's) never ever spammed.
So, there mail servers can't be on any spam list.

For what reason your provider should block mails from an IP owned by OVH, when it receive a few harmless ASCI mails a day ?

Anyway, to handle a server on the net you need a good mail supplier, maybe gmail, but forget about the rest.

Swapping emails can be done. The procedure is already mentioned somewhere. Fill in a valid good email, there is a place to do so, and ask if your principal mail, and second mail can be swapped.

12/01/2014, 21h31
Certainly, but if my provider has the IP of the OVH mail server in Blacklist ignores any email sent from that IP

12/01/2014, 18h30
Citation Envoyé par Nikkyter
.... and the IP of the mail server of Kimsufi is in this list :'(
It's NOT your server that is sending the mail with the login details.
It's coming fom - they send the mail.

As when you took the server, OVH was sending that mail to confirm, etc.

Your provider didn't threw these mails away neither .....

12/01/2014, 16h58
Yes, probably my provider block various IP considered dangerous and the IP of the mail server of Kimsufi is in this list :'(

12/01/2014, 16h40
did you checked the spam folder?

11/01/2014, 20h50
Hi... i have purchase a server, today have install OS (Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" LTS + x2go (64bits) ) but not have received a mail with username and password for access to the server.
Probably is a problem with my email (banned by your mail server??? Provider is also in forum i not have received a confirm email when i have register this account (i have used the same of Kimsufi manager but now, in forum, have changed with

I have try to change in Kimsufi manager but not is possible, email is read-only and receive an error.

Please help me to acces to my server