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13/01/2014, 11h35

Unfortunately I'm afraid we cannot refund your server for you in this case since it is from over 4 months ago. This forum wasn't the correct place to request a refund back in September, you should have wrote to the IE forum (, or if you were unsure where to go, or wanted to enquire why you weren't receiving a response you could've called our support lines. After 4 months it isn't possible for us to provide you with a refund. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

12/01/2014, 02h33
In 06/09/2013 I requested to cancel the order (BC22093306 30/08/2013 12:55:57) on the ground of that until then had not been delivered to the Invoice FR8460459 you confirmed the payment. I would like to know when and how refund the money of payment is that made to you. In the previous MESSAGE ( to you i had asked the same but no response to this issue will .After of that, about some weeks after answer me the refund take one month as you see 09/2013 till 01/2014 is not one month but four tell me exactly when you return my money. All of this is not serius from your side but is something other.