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Refund for Kimsufi with no Windows Server

13/01/2014, 14h21

Unfortunately it isn't possible for us to provide a refund in this case as it doesn't state anywhere on the site that Kimsufi servers have Windows available. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

13/01/2014, 11h14

I will check with our billing department if it is possible for us to refund you, I will update you as soon as I receive a response.

12/01/2014, 18h46
Greetings. I ordered today a kimsufi server thinking it would go under my OVH account where I would be able to install Windows Server 2008 R2 with my license. But I found out after I paid and the server was set up that you offer only Hyper-V version and that the management panel is different. I don't like Linux a lot so is it possible to have a refund? I'll keep on using my OVH server. I was looking for a cheaper one but with Windows.

ID: jk21956-ks / orochimaru [at]
Order Number: 25046799
Paypal transaction ID: 4TB40329GY830411W