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Unable to edit account settings

08/05/2014, 01h16
Only secondary email can be switched with primary email.

08/05/2014, 00h32
Can support fix this issue?

14/01/2014, 15h23
I also have a problem with changing data in the Manager, if I try to change the primary email address (I do not receive any communications that are sent to me with access data to the server) I get the following message:

Try to alter read-only properties: email

13/01/2014, 12h31

I'am trying to edit my Account settings in https://www.kimsufi.com/fr/manager/?...#/user/account and it always returns "Wrong values in fields: country, phone". I tried many phone number formatts and I simply don't have field "country"...

Please fix it as soon as possible