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PS-8 - when?

16/01/2014, 11h43

timychann is correct with their response. We will have this server available again ASAP. Also with the migration, you are required to carry this out yourself.

15/01/2014, 02h33
Hi, not OVH staff but I should be able to give some answer.

The PS range depends on what they have in stock. I would assume that PS1-3 they have had under the name mKS or KS for a while now, so they may have more stock. It's pretty much a waiting game. I've been looking at a few PS servers but have been waiting for quite a bit!

In regards to upgrading and downgrading, you will have to buy a new server and most likely move everything over yourself.

14/01/2014, 13h25
I would like to purchase PS-8 Core™2 Duo E6300 dedicated server but it has not been available since the Kimsufi re-launch.

When is it going to be available?

Also, provided that I purchase a different server, would it be easy to ugrade or downgrade? How long will the process take? Will this ivolve downtime?