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Server order - 72hrs, paid for but nothing?

16/01/2014, 11h41

We have now delivered this server, apologies for the delay.

15/01/2014, 02h47
Took nearly 2 weeks for me. Moved to another host that you can communicate with in the meantime.

14/01/2014, 21h47
I ordered a server on friday last week. It stated 72 hours, it's now tuesday night and nothing? My account shows nothing.

The 22:30:8 2014-01-10

Welcome to OVH!

We will confirm receipt of your payment by paypal
in settlement of the purchase order # 25033196

The payment of your order will be checked 25033196 as soon as possible
our services. As soon as your payment is confirmed, we'll run
your order subject to feasibility.

Thank you for the confidence you have placed
OVH, and wish you a pleasant day.