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Quick questions

15/01/2014, 15h29
This isn't a seedbox service. It's a personal server for you to do what you want, whether to host websites, a game server, teamspeak etc...

Now, to give you the benefit of the doubt of what you're going to use it as...
1) Dedicated, the specs you see are what you get
2) 100mbit unlimited line (It's written on the sales page)
3) When they have stock to provision
4) Linux only (Maybe Windows Server). Several pre-setup distros for web server/email etc. You can choose to have a stock distro of CentOS, Ubuntu etc
5) It's unmanaged, meaning you need to install packages yourself.

15/01/2014, 06h09
Hello all

Heard about this through a friend. Was looking forward to purchasing a seedbox. Questions:

1. Are all the PS (1, 2, 3.....31) listed here ( dedicated or shared? If shared, how many users per server and HDD space per user?
2. What is the data upload limit (if any)?
3. When are the other PS going to be available?
4. Are these Ubuntu or Windows servers?
5. What are the other services that come with this server? (like VPN, File server setup, autodl-irssi setup etc)


EDIT: Had to include the last question