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Kimsufi Manager + IPv6 RDNS

28/03/2014, 13h08
It has finally been fixed. About time.

14/03/2014, 20h19

No comment. You're seriously posting your support question about having no access to your server in a thread about not be able to set a reverse DNS?

12/03/2014, 16h01
Hello, I purchased a server but I can not pagralo and have access.

The order is: 26491205 I await a response.

Many thanks

12/03/2014, 15h52

I am exactly in the same situation. Just post here to get update about this issue.

Thanks !

11/03/2014, 20h28

thanks for this notice. Hope this can be sorted out soon to be able to use my mailserver properly.

11/03/2014, 12h27

I apologise for the delay with this issue. I have just re-informed our technicians and will udate you asap.

10/03/2014, 15h29
Let's dig out things that have been in the past. Over 8 weeks in the past, to be exact.
There is still no fix for this, when do you plan to finally change the friggin :: to ::1 in the manager? It is still advertised that you can set a "Personal Reserve", which is not the case, at least for the correct IPv6 address. I'm usually the patient guy but this is just ridiculous. I still can't use my mailserver properly because I can't set an RDNS entry for the v6 IP assigned to me. I know quite a few others can't and are waiting for a fix as well.
Switching to SYS or OVH just for an IPv6 reverse is not an option for a server that only runs mail, bind9 and a few other small things.

25/01/2014, 13h38
Hello !

Any news on this subject ?


20/01/2014, 12h00

I can see that my colleague is currently looking into this issue for you. You will updated once we recieve more information. Thank you for your patience

Best regards

19/01/2014, 20h57

getting the same here:

19/01/2014, 19h09
Getting "This IP ::1 is not included in network ::" now.

17/01/2014, 18h19
All I wanted to know is that you've registered the issue and that it's planned to fix it.
Thank you.

17/01/2014, 12h26

Since Kimsufi servers are only designed for personal use we cannot provide immediate response to support queries, however we do try our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

I do not have an exact ETA on this, however I will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

17/01/2014, 08h27
It's really nice how admins just don't respond here when you try to tell something in a polite way. Do I have to act like a ten year old first? It seems to be very common in this forum.

15/01/2014, 13h37

it's not possible to set an RDNS for the correct IPv6 address in the Manager. It only lets you set the RDNS of a:b:c:d:: (::0), where the one usable on the server is a:b:c:d::1. Will that be fixed in near future?

EDIT 2014-28-03: It has finally been fixed. Unbelievable!