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Problem with reinstallation

17/01/2014, 03h13
What for os are you installing?
And do use a custom partition mapping?

16/01/2014, 15h25
Maybe it's better to write in English LOL
This morning 3 times I have tried to restore in the software for my dedicated:
Serveur OVH - 4G AtomN2800 SoftRAID 2x500 Go
server ip
urgently fix the problem, thanks.


16/01/2014, 15h19
ciao ho lo stesso problema, ma un supporto come ovh non c'

Serveur Kimsufi - 4G AtomN2800 SoftRaid 2x500 Go

stamattina per ben 3 volte ma mi da errore.. fix problem please

16/01/2014, 12h36
Hello is it possible please to solve the problem because we must deliver the server to the customer?

15/01/2014, 18h56
Dear Sirs,

I am trying to reinstall my kimsufi but I cant. In the tasks panel I am receiving failure messages like

An error occured when reinstalling your server.

Any help please?