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Why is ordering possible only in french?

17/01/2014, 16h47

The Kimsufi page is in English if you follow this link:

here you can see all the server information in English. However for now, once you click to ordering a server it will revert back to French. This is currently being looked into.

Best Regards

Dark Shogun
17/01/2014, 06h09
Google Chrome will automatically translate for you if you use it.

Dark Shogun

17/01/2014, 03h49
Kimsufi has also a dutch website.
And when i order there it also a french order process.
I would be nice that it the translation also on english.

16/01/2014, 12h30
maybe because kimsufi is a french basded company and you order on kimsufi.FR

16/01/2014, 11h46
Why is ordering possible only in french?