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how to pay for directadmin License

17/01/2014, 00h00
oh yes i did switch and TBH im regretting being with OVH at all support is not good

16/01/2014, 23h47
Did you recently switch to the new kimsufi servers?
Most likely that they removed this on the new servers like they did with windows server support.

16/01/2014, 20h50
hmm OVh told me it did as my old one did

16/01/2014, 18h20
Don't think any OVH servers come with direct admin, if you are referring to the OS install option pretty sure that's just a quick installation of direct admin. The server does not come with a direct admin license.
You can order it here:

16/01/2014, 16h05
there is no option to but the license please help

16/01/2014, 14h36
i got my server installed cenots6 with directadmin but when i try to active it says

You are not authorized to download the license with that client id and license id

does my server come with that or do i need to buy it from direct admin as i see no option in the manger

my server is PS-31 Xeon E3-1225 v2