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cannot access my account

18/01/2014, 02h30
thank you!

17/01/2014, 16h45

You need to use your Kimsufi log in details here at this link:

The Kimsufi control panel is a separate thing from your OVH one so this is why it would not allow you to log in there.

If you still have issues logging in here please do let us know.

Best regards

17/01/2014, 07h11

today i placed an order for a kimsufi server. when prompted to log in as my existing ovh account, i tried, but it was rejected. so i created a new account thinking that the kimsufi portal was separate from the ovh portal.

i used the same email address as my ovh account and proceded to purchase the server.

once the purchasing process was complete i received the email notification but alas i found that i couldn't log in to access this "new" kimsufi account at all.

i can however still log in to ovh using my original login details.

so i've paid for a new kimsufi server but i have no way of accessing it.

help please!