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cannot access server

20/01/2014, 16h32

We are currently looking into this and will update you before close of business.

19/01/2014, 00h08
still no response from email - support of this level is beyond a joke!

17/01/2014, 22h07
email sent with a passport scan as id

17/01/2014, 17h37

This is not the NIC that this server is registered to. I cannot give you the NIC that it is registered to here. Please email with some identifiaction and then we can tell you the NIC via email.

Best Regards

17/01/2014, 17h04
Order BC25098993

lets see if any staff are awake and checking this forum instead...

ns30974XX - which NIC Handle is this under as I cannot access under KP63790-OVH
used to get email with root/pwd but cant ind the server to get started