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Server ordered, bill is expired, what to do? *high priority*

20/01/2014, 16h21

I apologise for the delay in provisioning your order, we will have your server available for you ASAP.

19/01/2014, 20h50

you might notice that support times are from:

Mon-Fri/9am - 6pm

according to:

At the moment its weekend in France so you probably won't get an answer until tomorrow.

19/01/2014, 20h40
Still no e-mail answer from you, i ordered my PS-7 on 15 january 2014 and i'm angry because of my money!

17/01/2014, 18h23

i ordered a server before 2 days and i paid the amount immediately with money transfer. If i look on the order form now, there is the following message;

Erreur :
Ce bon de commande est expiré
Now I'm worried if there are problems with the order, it's my first order for ovh and i have no idea what to do.
The order number is; 25095062

Please help me!