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Failing Disk

15/02/2014, 20h22
ici c'est la partie en français, merci d'utiliser la partie anglaise du forum

15/02/2014, 20h04

06/02 => 15/02 it's not 2 weeks ...

You have to post there :
with the result of these tests done

15/02/2014, 20h02
Hi there.

First of all, have a look at this and say to yourself: Perhaps I posted in the wrong section ....

But, there is help (and you might want to use your translator) : 'read' the fist 3 posts.
You'll find out how to build a valid "look at my test results that prove that one of my disks is broken".
Of course, put in your server ID .... otherwise, OVH can't find you.

Many are doing so - many have there disk replaced. Have a look at how they did it. Do as they did.

15/02/2014, 19h57
2 weeks later an no response and no resolution. Time to search for other hosts, I might pay more but at least I'll have support. No software support is one thing, no hardware support is completely unacceptable. I am just disgusted with OVH regarding this.

06/02/2014, 16h20
1) Sorry for English, I know no french but will happily run my post through google translate if desired.

2) I have been receiving emails from mdadm saying that my raid array is degraded. I've booted into rescue mode and took a screen shot. As you can see sdb is red and the state of my raid arrays is degraded. What is the process for having this disk replaced?