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The Manager / Control Panel

06/06/2014, 01h33
The Manager

- The Manager or

- My server does not appear
It is normal, if you have just ordered it. You will get this message: "It seems that you have no server, you can buy one here."
Please wait for an email confirming that your server was delivered. Another message will then be emailed to you inviting you to install an operating system of your choice.

- To change the password for the server control panel
You cannot change it manually. You have to select "forgot password" and generate a new one.

-To change your primary email
You cannot change it yourself. You will need to contact commercial support by posting to and ask the staff to open a ticket for you to exchange your backup email with your primary email. Your posting should include data to clearly identify (order number, server name, nic-handle) you. The title of your posting should be precise: "Switch primary email with backup email."
You can change the backup email yourself in the server control panel.

- Manager from OVH and Kimsufi
If you have a PS-line server (after September 2013), it will be available in the Kimsufi manager but your domain names will stay with the OVH manager (v3). If your server is older it will stay in the OVH manager.

- To order a new server KS / PS
If you like to order a new Kimsufi server, you will need to create a new Kimsufi account, even if you are already a customer with an OVH account.

- Respect the golden rule
Never host your email on the server that you are using in the manager. Use the email of your internet service provider (ISP) instead. In case of a crash of your server, misconfiguration, etc you will not be completely blocked out, because you cannot the email with the password for the rescue mode, OVH messages, etc.

- Change of ownership of a server
Changing the contact details is not enough to change the ownership. The original owner still maintains full responsibility even if he has no access to the server any more.

- Forgot server renewal
You can renew the server after expiry as long as it was not recycled (about 7 days). Try: