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Make an order / VAT / Change Server

06/06/2014, 12h05
- Server location
Data centers are located in France and Canada, customers can choose DC location at the time of ordering. Choice of location is Dependant on server availability and customers may not have the option to choose location. A particular offer may be on available in one data center.

- Server price
Setup fee is a one time charge of 9.99 € + VAT
Price of server is as stated on + VAT
Price is not determined by duration of contract, all contract pricing is the same. Engagement in a longer contract will allow you the convenience to not have to renew the server as often as a shorter contract.

- Server VAT
To request VAT exemption, post on the commercial section on the forum. Your business must be outside of France and you need to provide your EU tax number. Companies outside of Europe are not required to provide EU tax number but must request VAT removal via the forum.

- Server payment options
First payment may be made by credit card, Paypal, SEPA bank transfer, check, or Mandat Cash,
Payment may require manual validation and or processing which could delay order delivery.

SEPA bank transfers can take up to a week to process.

Times can vary depending on bank institution and location.

Please take this into consideration when renewing and begin the transfer prior to server expiration.

- Contract period
The contract period begins the day your server is delivered.

- Country of origin
Kimsufi offers are not open to all countries.
For example residents of China and Iran are not eligible.
Country eligibility can change without notice.
If you have a question concerning country eligibility post on the commercial section on the KS forum.

- Customer validation
Orders may be subject to manual validation that require that you provide additional documents.
All documents should be sent as pdf-attachments to .
When sending documents for order validation, it is possible to request VAT removal. Be sure to add VAT removal request in your email. VAT exemption is dependent on eligibility.

- Server delivery time
Delivery times listed on the website, for example, "120 Seconds" and "72 hours", are estimated delivery times. Order or payment validation are not included in the listed time. Our teams work hard to deliver all orders as quickly as possible and delivery times can vary.

- Make an Order
Order directly from
New customers will be required to create a new KS account at the time of payment.
Existing OVH accounts are not eligible to purchases KS servers and must create a new KS account.
After making payment you will receive an email confirmation that the order has been received.
This email is not confirmation of order validation.

- Order Validation

Some customers may receive an email requesting that additional documents be provided for order validation.

All documents should be sent as pdf-attachments to

In the event that you are requested to provide additional documents, your order will not be processed until all documents have been received and validated.

If additional documents are not required, you will receive an email upon server delivery with the details of your new server.

- Documents Required for order validation

  1. Proof of Identity - A copy of any official photo identification such as drivers license, passport, etc.
  2. Proof of residency - A copy of a utility bill(gas, electric, phone, etc.). The bill should include your name and address as it appears on your KS account.

If making payment by credit card, you may be required provide a copy of the credit card that is being used to make payment.
The name of the card holder should be visible as well as the first 4 digits and last 2 digits of the credit card.
All other digits can be covered, for security purposes. You documents are not kept on file and OVH, reserves the right to request documents at any time.

In the event that payment is being made by a person other than the KS account owner, the identity of the person making payment will be required.

If you create a company account you will also need to provide company registration documents.

VAT can only be removed for customers outside of the EU or for companies within the EU that have a valid EU VAT number.

Please request VAT exemption request in the email that is sent that includes the requested documents. or post on the commercial section on the KS forum.
VAT will not be automatically removed, only if a request is made.

You will receive an email, as soon as the server is ready with a report, that the hardware passed basic testing.

You will further receive an email with a link to your invoice. If you did not receive emails, please check your SPAM-folder.

- Cancellation

Distance Selling Regulations/Directives & Distance Contracts - Directive: 97/7/EC
Customers can request a refund within 14 days of server delivery date with contacting support
The server must not have been delivery. If bill is edited, cancel order is not possible.

- End service

If you no longer require your server. The server will expire at the end of its contract and there is not any obligation to renew the server.
The server will close on or shortly after the expiration date.
Be sure to recover all data prior to letting the server expire.
Around 5 days after server expiration, it will not be possible to renew the server and all data will be lost.

- Change server

It is not possible to exchange, upgrade change data centers, etc. of you server.
If you require a different server profile, pricing or data center, you must purchase a new offer that meets your requirements.

- Services included (NEW Kimsufi)

1x IPv4 address with ReverseDNS
1x IPv6 address
100 MBit/s best effort internet connection (no monthly data transfer limit)
Optional ping monitoring of your server
Around 60 installation images for automatic installation
Simple Control panel
Boot to rescue mode
Unlimited reinstall/restart
Anti DDoS protection