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Process for Validations account or order

11/08/2014, 14h31
Customer validation

Account may be subject to manual validation that require that you provide additional documents. All documents should be sent as pdf-attachments to .

Documents needed are

When sending documents for order validation, it is possible to request VAT removal. Be sure to add VAT removal request in your email.
VAT exemption is dependent on eligibility.

Order Validation

Some customers may receive an email requesting that additional documents be provided for order validation

All documents should be sent as pdf-attachments to

In the event that you are requested to provide additional documents, your order will not be processed until all documents have been received and validated.

If making payment by credit card, you may be required provide a copy of the credit card that is being used to make payment.
The name of the card holder should be visible as well as the first 4 digits and last 2 digits of the credit card.

In the event that payment is being made by a person other than the KS account owner, the identity of the person making payment will be required.