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How to exempt my account of the VAT?

02/09/2014, 15h47
There are 3 possibilities according to your situation:

- Professionals of the European Union:
You can mention your intracommunity VAT number in your customer profile to be automatically exempted from the tax.

- Professionals outside the European Union:
Send us an extract KBIS of less than 3 months + a copy of the ID card of the person mentioned in the document.

- Private individuals outside the European Union:
Send us a copy of your ID card or passport + proof of address ( of less than 3 months) : copy of a utility bill (gas, electric, phone, etc.), Bank statement or Official correspondence.
The bill should include your name and address as it appears on your KS account

Please request VAT exemption request by posting on the commercial support on the KS website .
VAT will not be automatically removed, only if a request is made.